Prepping For Your Best Friends Big Day

If you best friend is about to tie the know then you must be just as excited as she is for the big and as her best friend, you have no doubt been given the honor of being her maid of honour which means that you will have quite a few duties to go with this important title. The most important duty of all of course is to stand by your best friends side and make sure everything goes smoothly and that she has not forgotten anything because getting married can be overwhelming and also the planning of the wedding can get stressful so your best friend will no doubt need a solid figure to help her and get her through the difficult and overwhelming aspects of the wedding planning. 

You will need to go shopping with her for her wedding dress, her wedding shoes, to place appointments and so on but also try to handle certain aspects independently so that you are taking a certain part of the burden off her shoulders completely. This could mean dealing with the caterers or dealing with the social venue or function hall.

Bachelorette party planning

Of course, in addition to helping your best friend out with her duties, you will also have one very important duty which is to plan the bride’s bachelorette party. Depending on your best friend’s personality and the type of person that she is, you could either start looking for hens night ideas Melbourne or you could choose to throw her a bridal shower at home with lots of presents and maybe a movie marathon. If your friend loves to party, then treat her to a wild night on the town but if she is a quiet girl who loves movies and food, a movie marathon bridal shower is the way to go.

It is important for you to keep in mind that weddings cost a lot of money and therefore, you will be able to help your bride in a big way by helping her to reduce the costs involved with the wedding. Start looking on the internet for handmade decoration ideas and table center ideas that you and your other friends can make for her while she is busy planning the wedding so that she does not have to purchase these things from a wedding store which will cost her thousands of dollars.

A fact that you will need to remember is that the word wedding attached to any product will increase its price by tenfold and therefore, you need to be smart and help your friend to save money by looking for items without mentioning that it is for a wedding.